Take your bike with you on the train

If you’d like to take your bike with you on the train, you have to make a reservation and buy a day ticket for bikes, which has a fixed rate regardless of the distance and destination.

foto fiets in trein - foto Fietsplatform JKTravelling by train with your bike is possible to a limited extent. And please note! Between 10 July and 15 September 2021, a reservation is required to take a bicycle on the train, unless the bicycle is used as an aid by someone with a disability. Reservations can be made this summer in advance via the NS app or customer service by specifying the train in which you will travel with your bicycle. If there is a switch in your journey, you will need to make a reservation for both trains. However, this is no guarantee: a train can be cancelled or shorter than planned, causing bicycle spaces to be lost. Moreover, because the bicycle spaces are shared with disabled persons, it may turn out at the last moment that there is no room for your bicycle, despite the reservation. You pay €5.60 for bringing your bicycle in this period instead of €7.50. Place your bicycle in the designated compartment of the train, indicated by the bike sticker on the side of the train. For further instruction check the NS-website

For every stage suggested on this website, we’ll tell you what the nearest train station is. Places with a train station are also listed in the Distance table. They are: 

  • Amsterdam (NS)
  • Hoorn (NS)
  • Enkhuizen(NS)
  • Workum (NS)
  • Stavoren (NS)
  • Kampen (NS)
  • Harderwijk (NS)
  • Nijkerk (NS)