Certificate and frame sticker

Did you ride the entire LF Zuiderzeeroute? Then you can apply for a suitable souvenir as a memento: a shield to stick onto your frame, a personal certificate and a mention in the gallery of honour.

To qualify, send us a selfie with your bike and possibly a route sign along the route. Take a picture at the locations listed below, preferably with you in it. If you’re on your own, simply put your bike in the picture. The photo locations are:

Stage 1: Haven Volendam (GPS 52.493443, 5.075462)
Stage 2: Vuurtoren de Ven, Enkhuizen (GPS 52.741675, 5.281184)
Stage 3: Waddencenter, Kornwerderzand (GPS 53.073736, 5.341115)
Stage 4: De Leijen, Sondel (GPS 52.860672, 5.616768)
Stage 5: Kerk Blankenham (GPS 52.765060, 5.896706)
Stage 6: Zomerdijk, Oostwolde (GPS 52.491608, 5.852541)
Stage 7: Arkersluis, Nijkerk (GPS 52.255233, 5.465822)
Stage 8: Zomerkade, Huizen (GPS 52.30547,5.26050)

Have you cycled the route and taken the photos? Check! Then you can apply for your souvenir. At a cost of EUR 4.95, we’ll send you your personal certificate and the LF Maas Route frame sticker. If you’re a donor of the LF routes, it’s free.

Apply for your certificate