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Workum - Lemmer

Distance: 52.4 kilometres

Today you’re leaving Workum, an attractive Zuiderzee town that was a relatively busy port city as early as around 1400. You can still find quite a few shipyards here that date back to those days. Via the Aldedyk, an old dyke along the Zuiderzee and a silent witness to the battle of the Frisians against the water, the route continues towards Hindeloopen. Now the water comes back into view. Like Workum and Stavoren, Hindeloopen is one of the Frisian Eleven Cities. Via Molkwerum you reach Friesland’s oldest city: Stavoren.

You then ride along the most beautiful part of Friesland’s IJsselmeer coast. The Gaasterland landscape is gently sloping and pretty spectacular with its forests, bays and cliffs. Shortly after the turn-off to Skarl, the endless dyke with grazing sheep is interrupted by beautiful vistas of the IJsselmeer. You’re cycling on so-called ‘gaasten’, which are elevations that were created during the Ice Age by sliding glaciers that pushed up the earth.

Crossing the Sylroede canal on a slightly busier provincial road, you can take a little detour by turning right immediately after the bridge to have a closer look at the D.F. Wouda Steam Pumping Station. This beautifully designed pumping station in the style of the Amsterdam School features on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998. It’s the world’s largest steam pumping station that is still in operation.


  • The Frisian Eleven Cities
  • Gaasterland
  • Photo location: Sondeler Leijen

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