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Medemblik - Workum

Distance: 69 kilometres
Between Medemblik and Den Oever, the landscape looks quite different. You’re cycling through the Wieringermeer polder now, the only true Zuiderzee polder. That’s because this area was drained in 1930, before the Afsluitdijk was built. Near Den Oever you ride through the first of the scarce stretches of forest on this route. The Dijkgatbos was created after the Germans blew two holes in the dyke of the newly created polder just before retreating in 1945.

Via the Dutch masterpiece of water management, the Afsluitdijk, you leave North Holland soil and set course for the province of Friesland. From Den Oever it’s a 32-kilometre long straight ride across the Afsluitdijk. Boring? It's unique in the Netherlands. On your left is the Wadden Sea, the world’s largest tidal area and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On your right is the now fresh water of the former Zuiderzee. That’s not all there is to the Zuiderzee Works, though, they also include large polders.

The first Frisian village that you pass through is Makkum. In the past, this village was sometimes referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Zuiderzee’. In the 17th century, merchants from Bolsward used the port of Makkum to trade with countries around the North Sea and in Scandinavia. Many mansions, the weigh house and majestic warehouses in Makkum date back to that era.

Attention: Afsluitdijk closed until 2022
Between 2018 and 2023 the Afsluitdijk will be strengthened. During the work you won’t able to cycle across the dyke, probably until the end of 2022. A free bicycle bus with space for 15 bikes departs every hour in the summer period (every 75 minutes in winter) from the Avia petrol station in Den Oever and will bring you to Kornwerderzand. The bus also stops at the Vlietermonument.


  • 32-kilometre-long Afsluitdijk
  • Dijkgatsbos
  • Photo location: Waddencenter, Kornwerderzand

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