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Lemmer - Kraggenburg

Distance: 51.1 kilometres

Cycling through Lemmer it’s immediately clear what this town’s main source of income is. It’s a prime water sports town that attracts many tourists. In the late 19th century Lemmer was one of the most important fishing towns in the Netherlands, with a fleet of 146 ships. There was plenty of fishing going on at the Zuiderzee, for species such as herring, eel, flounder, smelt and shrimp.

After Lemmer you leave the water behind and go inland. On large sections of the route you’re still riding on or alongside a dyke, though. Before the Noordoostpolder appeared from the water as if by magic, the Zuiderzee was on the right side of the dyke. Just like Lemmer, Kuinre and Blokzijl were harbour towns on the sea. The old port of Kuinre is now situated at the heart of the Kuinderbos forest and is popular among grass snakes and dragonflies. To take a look at this remarkable place, you’ll have to make a detour of about 200 metres from the route. You pass a road sign that points you to the spot where the port used to be located.

When you approach Vollenhove, the views of vast pastures and grazing sheep come to an end and a bit of Zuiderzee comes back into sight. You cycle past the port of Vollenhove, from where many fishing boats set out to the Zuiderzee in the 19th century to catch herring. In the distance you see the Vollenhoverkanaal, the canal that separates the provinces of Overijssel and Flevoland.


  • Vast pastures
  • Grass snakes and dragonflies
  • Photo location: Church in Blankenham

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