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Kraggenburg - Elburg

Distance: 58.2 kilometres

You enter that new land, the Noordoostpolder, via the village of Kraggenburg and the Voorsterbos forest, riding through a flat polder landscape where everything seems to be laid out as straight as possible. Then you arrive at a real island on dry land, though, with a dried-up port and a very interesting history. Until the reclamation, Schokland – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site – was an island that regularly got a beating from the Zuiderzee. Entire plots of land were slashed away. Things eventually got so bad that the last 600 ‘Schokkers’ had to permanently evacuate in 1859. During the reclamation many important archaeological finds were made here, including a footprint from prehistoric times. You can view them at Museum Schokland, which is situated along the route.

Travelling past the inflatable rubber dam Ramspol in the Ramsdiep, you trade in the new land for the old. You continue your tour around the Zuiderzee through the medieval streets of the bustling Hanseatic city of Kampen. From the remarkable Stadsbrug (city bridge) with its cables and cogs, you have a beautiful view of this ancient city on the river IJssel. In the late Middle Ages, Kampen was one of the most powerful and prosperous cities in Northwestern Europe. Due to its location on the river IJssel and the borders of the Zuiderzee, the city was able to trade by sea and also with the hinterland. Many buildings from those days are still standing, such as the city gates, parts of the old Town Hall and the Gothic House. You continue to pedal along the Veluwemeer (Lake Veluwe).


  • Noordoostpolder
  • Medieval streets
  • Photo location: Zomerdijk, Oostwolde

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