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Elburg - Spakenburg

Distance: 52.6 kilometres
Today’s stage starts in the beautiful town of Elburg. Within its city walls from 1392, the square fortified town almost resembles a museum. The entire street plan and the buildings date back to that time. Originally, this Hanseatic town was located in a different spot. Probably because of problems with the relentless Zuiderzee, the Duke of Guelders ordered to have the city rebuilt in a different place. The priest was late to get permission to move the church as well. That’s why it’s located on the outskirts of town instead of in the centre.

You continue the route along several bordering lakes of the Flevopolder. Across the water, the new land beckons. On Zuiderzeestraatweg you ride into another pretty medieval Hanseatic town, Harderwijk, which heavily depended on Zuiderzee fishery until 1932. You cross the water at Strand Horst by bike/foot ferry to explore the polder land of Southern Flevoland in more detail. Past Zeewolde, named after the submerged medieval settlement of Seaewald that was located in this area, you ride through a real forest for quite a while. It’s called Horsterwold and is the largest continuous deciduous forest in the Netherlands. Even though it’s a young forest it boasts some pretty large trees.


  • Strand Horst
  • Flevopolder
  • Photo location: Arkersluis Nijkerk

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