The rich history around the IJsselmeer

  • 440 kilometer
  • 8 Stages

About the LF Zuiderzeeroute

This LF Zuiderzeeroute is one of the best of its kind. It’s uniformly signposted in both directions. Instead of cycling from junction to junction, you simply follow the ‘LF Zuiderzeeroute’ signs!

The route connects majestic 17th century Zuiderzee towns to distinctive dykes and pumping stations, followed by the Gaasterland region with its atypical cliffs and the characteristic Hanseatic towns around the estuary of the river IJssel and the bordering lakes. In between, you’ll enjoy a varied landscape and venture into the ‘new land’, the large 20th century polders. The LF Zuiderzeeroute is 440 kilometres long.

That’s how much fun long-distance cycling can be.

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